Introducing CTF Partners

An introduction to some of our partners and the ways in which they work with us to plant trees and restore biodiversity.

Introducing CTF Partners
Dr Simone Webber
Sep 7, 2022

Sustainability is now a critical issue for businesses as sustainable organisations report better profit returns, increased resilience, recruitment of higher quality employees, and improved consumer confidence. There is an increasing urgency around taking measures to address the climate change and biodiversity loss crises, and creating or restoring biodiverse habitat is one of the best ways of tackling both. At Creating Tomorrow’s Forests we focus on creating habitats and forests that are high in biodiversity, bringing a range of ecosystem services for wildlife and people, working with businesses to meet their sustainability targets. Through partnership with Creating Tomorrow’s Forests businesses can plant trees on behalf of employees, or link tree planting and habitat creation to product sales or new product launches for example.

One of the benefits of planting only in the UK is that we can invite our members to our sites to engage with nature and understand the amazing intricacy of the ecosystem around them. This interaction with nature drives our motivation to protect it and provides us with considerable health and wellbeing benefits. We are very much looking forward to welcoming more partners to our sites and demonstrating in close detail how their investment in natural capital is flourishing.

Milk & More

Milk & More is the UK’s largest doorstep milk and grocery delivery service, providing a zero-waste solution to dairy, food, and household products. They partner with companies with excellent sustainability credentials to provide a circular shopping solution, so that you don’t have to leave your home. By using glass refillable bottles, electric vehicles, and smaller suppliers, sustainability is built into the very fabric of the Milk & More business.

Last year Milk & More started an exciting new partnership with Creating Tomorrow’s Forests which reflects their commitment to sustainability and a positive environmental impact. For every new delivery signup or every twenty one-off orders during Green Friday week, CTF planted a tree. In total the Milk & More customers planted an amazing 1445 trees which will absorb an estimated 361 tonnes of carbon dioxide over the next 30 years and contribute to restoring rare wet woodland habitat. They also planted 66 trees to celebrate their female staff, as part of International Women’s Day.

“At Milk & More, we’re committed to looking after the planet and this partnership with Creating Tomorrow’s Forests is one way we can do this. People often think that to make a difference, they have to do something “big,” but in this instance it was really as simple as ordering your milk, bread, cheese and other groceries online!”

- Dr. Patrick Müller, CEO and Co-owner

For more information about Milk & More's fantastic product range and doorstep delivery services, head to their website at

Greenslade Taylor Hunt

Greenslade Taylor Hunt is one of the largest and longest established firms of Chartered Surveyors, Auctioneers, Property Specialists and Letting Agents with offices covering all areas of the West Country. With a closely connected network of offices spanning Somerset, Devon and Dorset, GTH provide dependable advice at every stage of their customers' journeys.

GTH started a partnership with CTF in 2021 in order to fight climate change and help restore natural habitats throughout the UK. They funded the planting of 300 trees initially on our Somerset site, Charlotte's Wood, with a commitment to plant 30 trees for each year following, on behalf of their employees. In July we were delighted to welcome Justin, Graeme, Catherine, Chloe, and Daisy from Greenslade Taylor Hunt to Charlotte’s Wood to see the 330 trees that they have planted with us. We gave them a tour of the site, and then they helped us in planting some additional trees. It is a privilege to be able to show the work that we do to our partners and demonstrate the results of their investment in natural capital.

“As a business that spans across Devon, Dorset and Somerset, we are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the country, but we understand that we are all responsible for the impact that modern day life has on the environment. While we can’t change things overnight, it has become our mission to ensure that we are doing what we can to support local and national carbon off-setting and sustainability goals. Our surveyors in the professional services sector are involved in the emerging natural capital sector and sustainability sector, which includes providing advice on phosphates and carbon off-setting and Biodiversity Net Gain. As such, partnering with CTF is another step in helping to achieve these goals, and we support the work they have been doing and continue to do.”

- Graeme Biffen, Partner

For more information about GTH, head to their website at

Epiq Global

Epiq Global are a worldwide provider of legal services, serving law firms, corporations, financial institutions, and government agencies - helping them streamline the administration of all their business activities. They deliver significant benefits that businesses can measure: lower internal and external costs, faster lead times on critical processes, more effective allocation of resources, productivity increases, and effective case management.

Epiq recognises that respect for society and the environment is not only the right thing to do, but is a critical success factor for their business. In partnership with CTF, Epiq has committed to planting a tree for every matter hosted on EpiqTMX, a cloud-based bundle creation and sharing tool that allows you to securely build electronic bundles and prepare case-related documents in a highly intuitive and collaborative platform. In addition, for any user who requests a hard copy of their hearing bundle, Epiq will plant a tree to offset the paper use, and help work towards a sustainable future. We look forward to welcoming the team from Eqiq to site very soon.

“Being socially responsible is part of who we are, through the guidance standards of ISO26000, the United Nations Global Compact and our participation in the Greener Litigation Pledge, we are dedicated to improving our sustainability and committed to taking active steps to reduce, with a view to minimising, the environmental impact of our practice around the world – economically, socially and environmentally. We have many policies in place to help us be more sustainable, one such step is the utilisation of our cloud-based technology EpiqTMX, whereby we are able to reduce the amount of paper used in legal proceedings by using online eBundles created in EpiqTMX. So our decision to partner with CTF to plant trees has been an easy one as we share the same values and in doing so we also enable our clients to be able to participate in this initiative.” - Lorraine Medcraft, Senior Commercial Director, Trial Solutions

For more information on the range of services offered by Epiq Global, have a look at their website


Nuevo was created to deliver world class strategy and global productions with the least amount of impact on the planet. At the heart of every project is the methodology they use to monitor, reduce and offset their carbon footprint to ensure they are offering clients the most sustainable process possible. Their services cover film, photography, design, UX, tech innovation, and campaign strategy.

From the very beginning of any project, Nuevo does everything possible to reduce the upfront environmental impact of their productions so they can minimise the amount needed to be offset at the back end. However, sometimes there is inevitably a negative effect, no matter how small, and so that is why they have teamed up with CTF to offset any of the emissions produced. Nuevo have already planted over 200 trees and are committed to planting more with CTF over the coming years in order to reforest, regenerate and increase biodiversity across the UK.

“We recently spent an afternoon with the CTF team at Charlotte's Wood in Somerset, a new growth site that Nuevo has helped fund, and planted over 200 trees at. It was great to see the efforts of this organisation, what our contributions have gone towards and the positive impacts this will have in the years to come. CTF is an incredible organisation, bursting with expertise and knowledge, and we will continue to support and build a strong partnership with them as time progresses. Not only does our funding help contribute to improving the environment, but it also helps keep us on target for our Net Zero goals.”

For more information on Nuevo head to their website

Creating Habitats & Planting Trees

Our biodiversity work is divided into four core projects

Creating Tomorrow's Forests

Project 1

Wetland Nature Reserve

1.4 hectare mosaic of wet woodland, pond, and culm pasture meadow, in the North Devon Biosphere Reserve.

£15 per square metre
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Creating Tomorrow's Forests

Project 2

Freshwater Lake Ecosystem

2.6 hectare freshwater lake with gravel bed and mudflats, wetland and wildflower meadow managed for rare butterflies.

£20 per square metre
Restore Now
Creating Tomorrow's Forests

Project 3

Seagrass Meadow Restoration

1 hectare of the most spectacular seagrass meadow off the coast of North Wales.

£15 per square metre
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