Our mission is to restore and rewild the natural world

At Creating Tomorrow's Forests, we want people to join us on our journey to restore our wild spaces and reconnect with nature. We want to educate and inspire individuals and businesses into wanting to recreate our lost biodiversity.

Creating Tomorrow’s Forests
Tomorrow’s Forests
Tomorrow’s Forests

Meet the team

Nick Hollingworth
Founder and Director

Captain Nick is the visionary behind Creating Tomorrow’s Forests. He’s done it all. From tree-planting in Canada fighting off bears, to barking out orders as site foreman. This man knows trees. With a mission to make the UK green again, Nick set up Tomorrow’s Forests in 2014, an industry leader in commercial reforestation, utilising the latest cutting-edge technology. Six years down the line, TF had grown from 90,000 trees a year, to over 2 million, and with the launch of Creating Tomorrow’s Forests in 2020, we have now planted over 10 million trees in the UK. Nick believes in creating full dynamic ecosystems, not just forests, and is always pushing the company to new heights.

Elisabeth Boivin
Founder and Director

Just a small-town girl, living in a lonely world... Not quite, but Liz was born and raised in a small northern town in Quebec, Canada, where she spent her summers doing what most young Canadians do, she planted trees. It’s a rite of passage in Canada, plant trees in the summer, snowboard in the winter. After moving to the UK, Liz re-educated herself on the different tree-planting methods, and with hard work, dedication, and the sheer willingness to plant more trees than Nick, she became an absolute boss at tree-planting. She now ensures company operations run smoothly at all times and is the backbone of the company.

Dr Simone Webber
Senior Ecologist & Content Manager

Dr Simone is the guru of ecology. Take a walk with her through your local woods and your mind will be blown. She can tell you everything from what type of tree you are walking past, the Latin name for that pretty flower over there and which bird those dulcet tones are coming from. A true nature lover, Simone has a PhD in Behavioural Ecology and an MSc in Conservation and Biodiversity, bringing a wealth of experience in woodland ecology and communicating science to a wide audience. She will be dazzling customers with knowledge and industry insights via our CTF blog and monthly newsletters. Oh, and she can also bake a mean cake!

Toby Brusey
Business Operations Manager

Lights! Camera! Toby! With a flair for photography and videography, action man Toby loves being outdoors and is always looking for the next adventure. Ever the competitor, Toby is a keen sportsman and enjoys running, climbing, tennis and football, and is an avid supporter of Arsenal FC. Responsible for overseeing day-to-day business operations as well as content and creation strategy, Toby has a vast amount of experience in optimising marketing campaigns, increasing a brand's reach and multimedia content creation. A big music fan, Toby has a Grade 1 in both piano and guitar (impressive!) and has his sights set on getting as many trees as possible planted while in this role.

From humble beginnings

From humble beginnings back in 2014, planting trees for private estates and commercial forestry projects, we have now planted over 10 million trees in the UK and created and restored acres of lost habitat. Our approach to planting trees and creating habitats is based on ecologically friendly methods, looking at individual sites, surveying the land to decide what should naturally be growing there, and implementing the habitat creation programme with native species.

We create natural, diverse landscapes, with trees, shrubs, bulbs, and wildflowers. We also install bat boxes and bird boxes, create wildflower meadows, dig ponds, plant aquatic marginal plants, build hibernacula (insect & reptile homes) and create complete ecosystem habitats.

Tomorrow’s Forests
Our values

The Creating Tomorrow's Forests values that drive everything we do

Creating Tomorrow's Forests


⦿ Ecosystem focus
⦿ Long-term management

Creating Tomorrow's Forests


⦿ Project-specific funding
⦿ Project progress updates

Creating Tomorrow's Forests


⦿ Subscriber blog posts
⦿ Guided site visits

Creating Tomorrow's Forests


⦿ Maximising native biodiversity
⦿ Restoring resilient habitats

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